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What's the one thing you hated eating as a kid but now love? For me that's celery.

helionoftroy 7 Nov 18

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Brussel sprouts, asparagus.. love them now.

Same here! I have had asparagus prepared in a way l liked. Brussel sprouts wouldn't taste good, even if you wrapped it in bacon. Cat shit tastes good wrapped in bacon...........Please don't ask me how l know this. πŸ™‚

@Sticks48 roasting veggies makes all the difference

@Green_eyes Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Never mind. πŸ™‚


I still hate celery! That and radishes are the only things I never eat.


Turnips. Had a dish made with them in a Thai restaurant and I was hooked.




Avocados. I hated them as a child. In California that's practically blasphemy. They're what I craved when I was pregnant and I've loved them since.

I craved hot dogs when I was pregnant. Hated them before that, ate them during my pregnancy, won't touch them now.



Yum, broccoli with cheese sauce or a little lemon juice with olive oil and lots of salt.

@helionoftroy Oh you, you, you, chef, you!


I ate celery as a child (for some strange reason) but absolutely hate it now, so much I will pick it out of vegetable soup. I hated anything with mayo but now eat potato, macaroni salad, cole slaw, and put it on bread for sandwiches.

I like mayo, my son won't touch it though. He hates ketchup too. Only thing he likes is mustard.


Tomato’s. Not by themselfs but on a sandwich or burger. Hated it as a kid but love it now.


oh i still hate celery! but when i was a kid i also disliked liver (except chopped liver), lima beans and asparagus. i love them now (but not canned asparagus, thanks!)


Fried chicken livers are yummy, I'm not big on beef liver though. I used to have to cook it all the time for my ex husband.

@helionoftroy put the chicken livers in a blender with an apple and an onion. blend. pour into a pan whose bottom is just moistened with oil, once the oil is hot. cover. cook until it looks like a big crumbly pancake. turn out into a bowl. chill. add mayo. chopped liver! how did you cook the beef liver? maybe i know a better way?


@genessa basic seasonings, a little oil in the pan and cooked with caramelized onions

@helionoftroy ha, that's how i do it too. oh well! guess you just don't like beef liver -- although calf's liver is sweeter and thus better. but our taste buds ARE all different after all. i know people who adore celery. i never will.




I love mushrooms!! I just bought a big container of dried wild mushrooms from Costco.

@helionoftroy yes I put them in everything now.

we never had mushrooms in my house because my mom said she didn't know how to tell if they were poisonous -- as if the people who provided the mushrooms went out in the woods looking for them instead of farming them! so weird. when i grew up and went out shopping i got my own. i knew her reasoning was nuts.


@genessa I want to learn how to forage for mushrooms. I have friends who live in the NC mountains and they post pictures of mushrooms they've picked.

@helionoftroy but you eat liver?

@Bigwavedave chicken liver and gizzards and my favorite...chicken hearts

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