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‘Treasure’ found in the ashes of the handbuilt home and shop of a family I know well - new baby born a few days after the Camp Fire

Justjoni 8 Nov 18

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Is that a flattened weeble wobble?

It’s a painted rock - see first message. Sorry such s blurry photo!


It's rather blurry, but I think the message at the top says 'the message is clear'. Can't really tell what it is.

See first message

I’ve updated with a much clearer photo.


what is it?

I’ve updated with a clearer photo


Made my donation.....anyone else joining me?

Thank you! To TriCounty Bank Fund?


American Red Cross.....they had a B+ rating, & they had Pay Pal.

Canadian Red Cross was marvelous for our evacuation last year....we got funds every 5 days for food & personal items, a clothing allotment, & allowance for our son who housed us for 18 days. Even our cats got funds.

@Lilac-Jade Yes, the Red Cross is running several evacuation centers.

@Justjoni The news just keeps getting sadder, & sadder.

@Lilac-Jade I know. I wept my way thru the long list of missing. Atrocious

@Justjoni I can imagine. I get teary too, & I'm nowhere near there.


Well that went well ... rock reads ‘live, love, happiness’

That's awesome

Ok I replaced that awful photo

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