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Anyone watch the Sam Harris v. Jordan Peterson debate?

HolyJehosophat 3 Nov 18

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Peterson thinks Trump is intelligent. I wonder if he really believes that or is that just his right leaning bias whispering in his ear?


The trouble I have with Peterson is that he tends to define concepts in a non-common way but then doesn't always clearly describe what he means. He lost me when he claims that everyone (including Atheists) are in fact Christian. Scratch into that and you find that he has a very non-traditional sense of Christianity. In fact, I recall a Peterson tweet where he defined: God is the mode of being you value the most as demonstrated or manifested in your presumption, perception and action. That's not a definition of God I (or many others) would use at all.


Both men are brilliant and I enjoy them each individually but they don't debate well together (or against each other) in my opinion. It was frustrating to listen to at times, and I personally found Sam a bit annoying when he would continually interrupt (during the two events they did in Vancouver) I will definitely still watch / listen to any future disucssions these two guys have though ?


Yes! It turned out a little different than I had expected. I think Peterson, is just ‘too’ sure of some things, which makes me distrust him somewhat! One thing in particular he keeps saying, that bothers about women waring make-up to please men! Very young children will play with make-up and I do not think it is done for the benefit of men! At least I wasn’t thinking that as a child and I never noticed that in my girls! It was a while back when I caught that debate. But, I find that Peterson is just a bit ‘too’ sure for me! He leaves me no room for my own exploration, even though I find a lot of what he says makes sense to me! I may have an aversion to writing things in stone!

Good point. I haven’t heard him harp on the makeup point, but it doesn’t seem like a good one. That said, kids mimic adults. Boys use their fathers shaving cream and razors, but we wouldn’t assume that adult men shave because they like it. Still, I too have suspicions about whether Peterson has a hidden agenda.

@HolyJehosophat one thing that I noticed was the differences in his classroom lectures and after he took to the speaking circuit. With the latter, I kept getting the feeling of a ‘salesperson!’ And he repeats too many of the same phrases, a little too much!

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