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It is truly perplexing to me when Christians act as if their opposition to abortion is rooted in a religious belief. The Bible is very clear that you can execute your children for mere disobedience. Many Christians are pro-life despite the Bible, NOT because of it. #Deuteronomy

celticagent 7 Nov 20

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The notion that life begins at conception was pointed out in a famous essay to be "the doctrine that's younger than a MacDonald's Happy Meal".


Even fundamentalists used to debate whether fetuses were persons, and to what extent.


As Azimov wrote, "It is better to abort before birth."

Jacar Level 8 Nov 20, 2018

Personally, until God stops aborting fetuses, then the argument is moot.


I know so many hardcore Christians who had abortions themselves and are against it. One is a preacher. Fuckers.

ah yes, christians, the best hypocrites around!!!!


It's shocking. You give them life, feed and educate them, and when you decide you hate the little bastards and want to kill them, the state behaves like it owns them.


The bible is used to be interpreted to meet anyone's personal need. You can authorize killing or anything else you wish if you find the right passage.It isn't the great book it is made out to be.It is a book for non readers which was when it was published.

It is a book for non readers” - that prettymuch nails it ~


There are verses about killing pregnant women and dashing the unborn babies against rocks. They are supposed to be happy while doing it, as well.

Anti abortion my ass.

I guess it's OK as long as their gawd tells them to do it??????

@Redheadedgammy Yay! Incest, rape, murder, hatred, misogyny, lying, and slavery...all in the name of their god.

@Donotbelieve yeah, great guy their god. How people can continue following all the BS is beyond me.

@Redheadedgammy like @donotbelieve said, they don't read it. They have these people called "pastors" or "priests" that have read parts of it and tell them how to behave or what to believe

@Donotbelieve You left out genocide...can't forget genocide - where would America be today without it!!!

@jondspen Forgive the oversight.


The anti-choice argument is born only of misogyny and the need to control and punish others. It has absolutely nothing to do with religion.


First the 'pro-life' title is a misnomer. It is not about LIFE, writ large, in that it concerns all life. It should be Pro-human life.
These people follow the rule to go forth and multiply never mind the fact that 7.5+ Billion of us are seriously depleting the Earth's resources. They say they care for human life but the fact is they only care before it is born. Afterward one is on their own and if they are smart they better get lots of guns. They say that life begins at conception but then that would make their god the biggest abortionist of all. Also, many studies have shown abortion is far, far safer than giving birth. Giving birth is the single largest killer of women worldwide.

"Giving birth is the single largest killer of women worldwide."
It's also the single largest producer of women worldwide. LOL

@TheMiddleWay And men!

Birth giveth... birth taketh away... 😉


Nobody really expects them to be logical., do they?


Doesn't it also state that life begins at birth?

The bible makes no direct mention of when life begins. Of course, we can interpret scripture (Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalms 139:13-16 are popular ones) but such interpretations are more about what we want it to say, not what it actually says.

I would rather point to english common law as the legal start of "life begins at birth". There is the "born alive" rule that states that for criminal law, a child is not alive until it's born. This formed the basis for our criminal system to and, while it has been extensively challenged and modified since, it is a fact less prone to interpretation insofar as people have been practicing this law for hundreds of years here and in britain.

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