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"Unacceptable and horrible crime" says Trump. But no sanctions, still allies.
Seems to me he's accepted it

Don't forget; Saudi good Iran bad, Israel good Syria bad and.......Russia always bad.

powder 8 Nov 20

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Are you so blinded by your hate for Trump that you forgot how every president in the past has also forgiven the Saudi's on their crimes, from Bush and 9/11 to Obama and Omar al-Saeed?

Face it, Trump is nothing special, and not even the worst, when it comes to coddling the Saudi's in exchange for their oil and our military presence there.

It's us who is to blame: we are addicted to our oil-rich lifestyle and will not give it up. And thus our government continue to be beholden to Saudi to keep up that lifestyle...

Which is why you want resource rich Iran. Let's see what the blue wave does.
Germany is leading the way.


Trump has no regard for either truth or morality. To him, only profit matters and he will sell his soul it makes a profit for him.


Maybe we should sell Iran some jets, so they could be our friends. Worked great under the Shah's oppressive regime. All Sistani would have to do would be to say a few nice things about Trump to open up trade, then buy some jets and, just like that, he'd be a great and powerful man! We don't need any intelligence agencies because Trump can read people. People who say otherwise are fake news. What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening.

The problem with your plan is the twin tails wagging the US dog would not approve.


Unacceptable and yet acceptable. Maybe he means morally unacceptable and politically acceptable.

Fuck knows what goes on in that ranga's head.

@powder Lol I hadn't heard ranga before!

@brentan good Aussie slang

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