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Being wrong is okay. It is how we learn. We were once wrong countless times as infants as we learned to navigate our environment. We were wrong in school, when we were corrected by our instructors. We are even likely wrong about some things right now, but aren't aware.

It isn't being wrong that is problematic. It is being wrong and not learning how to become less wrong and more correct. Reason will lead us more and more toward truth as long as we are willing to follow its light.

CuriousCreature 7 Feb 10

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I was born wrong. I shall, equally, die wrong. lol

Sadoi Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

There is a third choice: being wrong and not caring one fig about learning. I often say fuck this. It does not have to be my problem anymore.
That is a most liberating state to be in. Can you tell I am old and I have beer!


anyone who thinks they know everything is a fool


correct is a harsh outcome. I'd say balanced


I am wrong very often and am pleasantly surprised when I am corrected kindly or when my incorrect assumptions about others are proven false.
I can be an ass, but an ass that can be taught.

me too


It's like they always say about champion athletes: they've "failed" countless times. They're not afraid to fail. They just keep moving. They turn "fail" into "fuel".

"Being wrong is okay" = "There's no shame in not knowing something."

Warning: Personal Rant I've had it with being told to tone down my vocabulary and abstract thinking (not here, in meatspace). People always say "Be yourself"--but when you're unabashedly intellectual, then it's a different story. Then it's "don't use words like that; people won't understand you.". Let me get this straight: it's okay if people don't agree with you, it's okay if people don't like you, and it's okay if people don't understand you because you're weird or different--but if people don't understand you because you're intelligent and literate, then you're the bad guy??

I'm not the one with the problem: I'm not acting like it's shameful to not know what a word means or not follow a concept. I'm not acting like it's embarrassing to be confused. I'm just doing me, because you said I'm supposed to be myself--and it's not okay? STFU AND GFY, YOU MF. I'm not buying it. I'm not going to reinforce your culture of thinking ignorance is something embarrassing to be swept under the rug. You're wrong, and your attitude is damaging.



I have begun to wonder lately, if the way we correct each other about our errored ways, is non-productive? To often, others correct us, from their own place of fear and that forces us to spend time trying to evaluate their pronouncement that we are NOT making good decisions...that hurts ourselves and others. And, when it is pointed out to us, that we did 'so in so'...and look how that failed...comes from THEIR fear and not from what we learned...out of our, 'so in so' that failed! So it is work, adjusting one's order to do the right thing that does not hurt others or ourself!


I am not wrong. I make incorrect actions and thoughts on occasion, as we all do, but I am not wrong.

How we talk to ourselves is extremely powerful.

The only time something is a mistake is when I don't learn from it.


I like to think that it is just trial and error. That is how engineering advanced. Put in a support, if it breaks, try a bigger one next time. Of course, the other side, if you try something and it fails, and you keep doing it, we just can't account for stupid.


It's been said that you learn from your mistakes and that success is merely proof that you were paying attention.


Hey, hold up just a cotton picking minute. Are you saying we evolve? Why that's just crazy talk.

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