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Laibach - The Lonely Goatherd

Jnei 8 Nov 21

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Thanks Jnei! I heart Laibach.


I've never been a fan of the Sound of Music, but if I am ever forced to watch it again, I will always think of this! LOL! I think you are absolutely right that this is a comment on patriarchy.

Laibach (who specialise in taking fairy innocuous songs and giving them a totally different meaning, incidentally) have a bit of a thing for *The Sound Of Music". Here's another example, with a video filmed in North Korea...

(They are, incidentally, the only Western rock band to have played in North Korea. There's an interesting documentary on that episode which may be available in the US.)

@Jnei LOL! This is fucking awesome! I will have to check out the documentary. Thanks! You are a veritable treasure trove on cool music!


@Jnei Far out! You introduced me to Tricky, and now Laibach. I will check out this band more in depth!

Oh, and this is my, at least used to be, favorite version of that song...

That version remains my favourite 🙂


Bizarre! It made me think how far removed we can be from nature.


I was digging this until it turned into sexy time with twelve-year old girls.

That's exactly what Laibach are trying to convey. There are a lot of pop songs which people dig, despite the sexy time with very young girls.

@Jnei that is fascinating. Perhaps if I were already familiar with their work I would have picked up on the message. As it was, I just got squicked out. It is unsettling to think how many people probably thoroughly enjoyed this video on its face.

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