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A salute to everyone who spends this day alone for whatever reason!

btroje 9 Nov 22

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i don't even know the date of this event!


I spent Thanksgiving with my mother. Everyone else is dead in my family. I don't celebrate Christmas. Mostly because I feel like it's a holiday designed boost the economy and for people buy shit they do not need. Also December 25 is my father's birthday. I celebrate his life. Not anyone else.


I spent the majority of the day alone, and kept quite busy. I joined my daughter, her partner, his family, and (cough) my ex for dinner at daughter's partner's house. It was a fabulous meal and I'd walk across glass to spend time with any of my kids. I'd even tolerate my ex's presence.


Thanks. If I could, I'd be at the Wampanoag Day of Mourning. []

I know this history

@btroje I was there once. The feast afterward was the best experience of Thanksgiving I've ever had. Have you been?

@ailurophile no I just read the history

@btroje I drove down with some friends from Vermont in a near-blizzard. For once, I was outdistancing people from Massachusetts, as I had four-wheel drive. We didn't get there in time for the vigil... I'll be back, I hear a "crash" somewhere else in the house.


Here! Here!


That would be me and that's the way I like it. Happy Thanksgiving my friend

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