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Now then my American friends, don't go bonkers today. It is likely you can still buy a cheap TV tomorrow. This black friday malarky has started to drip over here...which is weird because we don't get the day off! I don't really do all this consumerism stuff. I am proud of my 30 year old chesterfield and my Victorian french cottage dining room set. Everything else has been given. I save for anything I really want (My huge persian rug). Buying things to last is much better for the world. Have a nice day

Amisja 8 Nov 23

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'Victorian french cottage dining room set' I have GOT to see that ! Sounds divine !

Tilia Level 7 Nov 24, 2018

In my old house


You could not force me to go shopping on this day. Nope. Nyet. Nevah.


Sorry about the less savory parts of our culture finding its way across the pond 😟


I agree.


I'm not sure if I would join in this lunacy or not, I'm too bleedin' skint to worry about it 🙂

Me too


I agree

Doesn't work chick

bummer - tinternet is having a thromby

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