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Just came back from a regular meeting between agnostics, atheists, buddhists, and both fundamental and liberal Christians. Today's topic was on evolution. Everyone is on board about the science of it, one guy claims that alternate theories are being quashed by the intellectual elite, and three individuals believe 9-11 was an inside job. It was lively. Politics was a "third rail" as all but two were staunch Republicans. Very difficult these days to have political discourse.

TerrieKing60 3 Feb 11

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That is quite an eclectic bunch of people. Who, if I may ask, sponsored the event? Yeah, not sure how you could get through to them when they've got so many reinforcements. It would seem to be very frustrating.


Republicanism has become a religion. It's the only way they can believe all the wacky shit they do.

godef Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Is that ever a fact...logic and reason, out the window! It is hard to attend such discussions! They are no fun! Not even for learning! I guess, any one of us can get caught up in misinformation.

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