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Just saw this on Facebook.
I cannot support a government shutdown that will stop social security payments to retired people. I cannot support a government shutdown that will stop payments to retired military personnel, or any benefits to veterans.

RobertMartin 8 Nov 30

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I really am sick of fakebook and all the BS that is on it. Whoever posted this is a dirt bag who does not care about the people on SS, VA pensions, or the widows of Veterans receiving benefits.


That won't happen

Xena Level 6 Dec 1, 2018

I agree .


Payments still go out on a shutdown. Try a little research instead of propaganda.


A government shut down will screw over government employees and can delay military pay and shut down agencies and stop some work projects and always does damage the economy. It doesn't as shown above stop SS payments and other entitlements. Trump doesn't care about the economy as he has already endured hischuge payday with massive tax cuts for the one percent and his tariffs show the deficit growing and U.S. businesses suffering (Mr I've done six bankruptcies)

I figured since social security is a federal government thing, they pay out the benefits

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