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Nazi equivalent of cross burning.

By kmdskit38
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Not to take away from the negativity of this, but I find it weird they didn't break any of the photos or even just paint them. I mean, they seriously only went for the bare walls? I think if someone was truly doing this out of hate, they would have been a little more hateful. Kind of get the vibe this was someone who just wanted to see her rattled, to know they got under her skin. Probably wasn't out of hate for her for being Jewish. If it was out of hate, I'd think they'd at least have hit the photos as they are most likely related. Still should be charged with a hate crime if they are ever caught.

Either that or the paranoid part of me thinks that it could have been faked for attention or a cause.

I also noted that the office was not trashed and none of the wall stuff was touched either...a respectful hate monger? Doubtful... A misguided student who wanted to bring attention to her perhaps out of devotion or admiration? We know there are all sorts of mental cases out there and hopefully they will find the perpetrator...I will reserve any judgment until the case is resolved...sometimes the end results are not what we automatically assume...we have seen this kind of behavior in the past with "hate" crimes...overzealous do-gooders who only make things worse...still horrific to see...


I wonder what's behind it. Maybe disgust at Israeli atrocities in Palestine or that notion that 'Jews will not replace us'.

brentan Level 8 Dec 3, 2018

@PalacinkyPDX I know a bit about my own history, you bet! I was thinking about what's going on in this century. And I didn't draw conclusions. As I said 'I wonder'.


It's kind of like the KKK hoodie. The image of fire isn't even necessary.

godef Level 7 Dec 3, 2018

Sickening. This is a hate crime. Neo-Nazis are terrorists.


That is very sad, I feel so sorry for the professor.

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