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You know when I get really down because it's dark and winter and I am soo worn out from all the rascist , misogynist, anti immigrant xenophobes. I think . Fuck it. Let's bring on a cleansing.

Ok I will admit I have a health issue and don't feel well. Shit I loathe these asshats

Bigwavedave 8 Dec 3

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Turning off the tv etc isn't really the answer. An informed electorate is the basis of a decent voting society. Even if the information is obvious lies, that tells you who the obvious liars are.


In the feels. On cipro atm for possible diverticulitis. ?


I try to stay away from the negative stuff as much as I can. Turn off the TV, especially the news -- or if I do watch, I try to be selective, something fun or informative or life-affirming. PBS documentaries, comedy shows; lately it's been zoo/vet/animal shows on AnimalPlanet or NatGeoWild: watching The Incredible Dr. Pol sticking his entire arm up the back of a cow to help it give birth kind of makes everything else fall by the wayside.


Maybe after you retire you could split your time between where you are now and someplace further south - where the winters are not so cold and dark...and long. šŸ˜‰

Lol. I know right.

@sweetcharlotte nice places - we also really liked Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island...


It's depressing . And we can't ignore . Just breathe and read a book or watch some comedy , and worse case sleep . This nightmare will end soon sir .


I generally work overtime when I can.. So, this time of year I see sunshine only through a window. Get so white I'm almost translucent.

Yea sucks


I am an ardent fan of sheetcaking.

Lol I think that's an snl skit right?

@Bigwavedave Yup. Thank you Tina Faye


I just signed up for winter yoga classes and Iā€™m so glad I did. Maybe we could compile a list of ways to not let the bastards get us down.


Sometimes it's best not to turn on the TV.

You have that right

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