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Michigan voters petitioned to get sick leave on the November ballot this year. The Repub legislature quickly passed a bill on sick leave to make the proposal moot (so it did not appear on the ballot). Usually, I’d say great! The legislature should be responsive to what the citizens want and laws passed by ballot proposal always need work.

Except that they passed it fully intending to largely re-write or flat-out repeal the new law during the lame duck session. They claim that the petitioners, being mostly from Detroit, Flint and Lansing (read poor, and minorities) “do not reflect the wishes of real Michiganders.” But they weren’t going to risk letting “real Michiganders” vote on it. This is what our political system has become - intentionally subverting the will of the electorate.

A2Jennifer 8 Dec 3

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Paid sick leave the issue?

Paid sick leave and also a plan for minimum wage.


Republicans always do that shit. They love the electoral college because it doesn’t allow areas with high population govern them. Completely disregarding the fact that the people living in those high population areas are also American voters who should have equal rights, regardless of location. I live way out in the middle of nowhere. My vote shouldn’t count for more than someone living in Los Angeles just because I choose to live in the fuckin boondocks.

I brought up the EC as an example, not to change or go off topic.


How are they going to even pretend that their constituents don't get sick? Don't risk their lives or their jobs every time they're sick?

Probably because the “constituents” they interact with are people who have big money to donate, and those people aren’t too worried about sick leave.


Politicians; serving the rich despite their sworn duty to serve all citizens?


Horrible behavior.

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