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I have 2 elderly, declawed housecats. I live in Wisconsin where it can get quite chilly this time of year. It's not unheard of for outside critters to try and sneak in the house to keep warm. This morning my tuxedo cat came up from the basement with a damn live chipmunk in his mouth! He& the other cat spent the rest of the mornning playing "Moany in the Middle" with the creature. Now chipmunks are cute & all that, but THEY BELONG OUTSIDE! I finally threw the dead thing outside in the trash. Though an athiest, I did utter a few "jaysus christs" & "OMGs" This afternoon was spent searching for possible points of entry & plugging them up with bits of steel wool while the 2 cats napped.I'm ready for spring.

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I remember being at a party which was held outside. The housecat found a mouse and was 'playing' with it. it got tired of chasing the mouse who constantly got away so the cat chewed off one of it's legs so it couldn't run. Cats can be vicious.


Declawed cats!! That is outrageous. One of the cruellest things you can do to any animal!!


My best mouser was my declawed 19 year old cat...I saw him snatch a bird flying too low by jumping up and catching him with his two paws...they adapt quite well...

We get chipmunks in the house all year round and the cats seem to be the ones bringing them in live...I just open a window and put some sunflower seeds on the sill to draw them out...each spring I find a few dead ones in the basement...



how awful on several levels.
I can't imagine how this fits under the heading of "Health & Happiness".


Chipmunk? Good luck. Mean little buzzsaws.


Oh no! Winter brings similar experiences for me with my outdoor pets. Although the cats leave presents on the doorstep all year around, the dog decorates the yard with bones during hunting season... ((moan)). Apparently some hunters don't properly dispose of their victims so the dog tries to help out.

Same here with the deer parts but it does keep them entertained for hours.

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