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Looks like DeGrasse Tyson is guilty. I think it looks probable. Why is it famous black people and old, liberal white guys can be accepted as guilty, but not reality stars that grab pussy and judges that really like beer?

Beowulfsfriend 8 Dec 5

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While I agree that he is likely guilty, I'd say at least a 51% chance, just remember that trying to switch focus to other guilty people is much like Trump supporters who constantly say "What about Hillary?". Then again, they won't admit any fault in Trump, so it's still a step ahead.

As for NDT, I can honestly see him being guilty of the date rape accusation. I think the newer accusations are more or less being blown up to help draw attention to the possible date rape. I believe the new women heard about the date rape and how it seems to have been swept under the rug and are coming forward in hopes that justice would be served.

The reason I can see the date rape accusation as being true is because there are 2 strong possibilities. The first is that the 2 of them were friends, he wanted more but she friendzoned him. They were close enough that he could lie to his friends that they were dating, but to her, he was just a friend. After so long, he felt he was entitled to have her after being a good friend. As many people have pointed out, he doesn't seem to really understand people or how to interact.

The other strong possibility is that they were dating and she was madly in love with him. He broke up with her and devastated her, and she wants to devastate him back. I find this unlikely compared to the former.

Also, as was said below, this supposedly is causing strain in his marriage. To me, that tells me that his wife feels as if he was capable of something like this. His wife should be the person who knows him best, and if she thought that he isn't capable of date rape, then she should be sticking by his side and not have a strained marriage due to unproven accusations.


I don't know how you calculated the probability of his guilt either. He has so far been accused of: 1- Trying to find a tattooed planet on a lady's freaking shoulder (not just any planet by the way, the one he is famous for casting out of our solar system) 2- Shaking hands with a co-worker in a way that made her feel uncomfortable and then apologizing for it, and 3- A rape allegation. Now, as @genessa pointed out, there is no way of knowing that due to insufficient evidence, but the least I can do is put myself in Neil's shoes. He is a relatively well-known celebrity. I really don't know why someone of his caliber needs to rape someone when there are literally hundreds of women waiting in line to sleep with him. Given his IQ, I seriously doubt that he ignored every instance of false rape allegation in the wake of the me too movement for 15 minutes of pleasure. I'm not saying that's impossible though, cause I know what power can do to the psyche of any human being.

your last point... i can sadly point to bill cosby, who is way more famous than tyson and yet.... but when you list the accusations, it all sounds awfully petty and silly, doesn't it? and consider the rape allegation, which comes from a woman who says she doesn't actually KNOW if she was raped, but neil was there so she must have been, and he must have done it.... that's not compelling testimony either, is it? i wouldn't reply too much on the "he's famous, he's smart, he doesn't have to" argument, though. it doesn't work... but he doesn't need it.


@genessa You are right. Man, I would be REALLY fucking disappointed if Neil had actually done it.

@Darius77 me too. i believe in evidence even if it isn't evidence i'd rather see, but i would be upset and sad, just as i was, well, for charlie rose, whom i had liked, you know? but the evidence was compelling. what can we do? it's just sad when people we like are called out and people we know are evil get away with it. it doesn't mean the liked folks should get away with it. it means no one should. we do not currently have equal justice under the law. we barely have law.


The rape accusation was long before his celebrity status, back from when he was in college. If the rape accusation was from a recent time, then I could agree that he wouldn't have to. But back then, he was just another awkward nerd in his studies.


It speaks to the integrity of liberal thinkers, as a group, that we don't give our own a pass when they misbehave. Naturally, there are going to be bad apples in every bunch. We can't control the fact that conservatives are slimy enough to look the other way when their people are awful. That's why they attract so many awful people, and why those awful people don't bother anymore to try to hide their awful behavior.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 5, 2018

Tyson was not crucified instantly, he has been afforded more then most.
Some have pointed out the double standard on posts that occurred a few days ago.


in what way do you figure tyson's guilt is probable? i am not saying one way or the other, although his explanations sounded reasonable to me, but in the end i do not know and there has been no investigation yet, so no one knows except tyson and the accusers (and re one of the accusers, maybe she knows and maybe she doesn't!)( on what basis is he probably guilty? i'm not being pugnacious. i'm really asking.

meanwhile, to answer your question, unfortunately reality stars that grab pussy have the support of a whole lot of criminals in power who are owned (as is the pussygrabber) by russia, and the judge that really likes beer has their support by extension. it sucks, as your question implies. it sucks bigtime. we must work to change that.


I won't convict him. My main idea or point I wanted to generate is how people will believe most accused except the holy roller conservatives like Trump and his minions.
Back to Tyson's guilt. I held out, hoping, and now it seems there was at least one public accusation as far back as 2010 that has been hushed up by certain media. Again, I hope it is not true, but working in social work, having been a teacher and having studied psychology, the statistics point toward guilt once more evidence keeps being exposed. I am even more sure of Trump's guilt. And of certain others. Again, there is no certainty, but only probability. False reports, when multiple accusers are present, are statistically rare.

@Beowulfsfriend i agree that false reports are statistically rare. however, this case may fall outside of those statistics because there have been some calculated false accusations, politically aimed, lately, and no, i am NOT talking about kavanaugh; there is so much evidence against him it's disgusting. i am thinking of franken, and ellison, and even avenatti. people are being paid to lie in these cases. these are not young women seeking to hide consensual sex from their strict parents. these are paid political operatives. remember: the hitler playbook, thanks to goebbels, is to accuse the "enemy" of whatever you'redoing yourself. the sexual predators in power are hiring women to accuse their "enemies" of sexual predation. i think the probability is that tyson is innocent, not because i like tyson, which i admit i do (hey, i like dustin hoffman too and he has confessed, so that's the end of that guesswork, right?) but because his account rings true and the accusers' accounts don't. if an investigation tips that balance i will be sad but not in denial.


@genessa I agree. And I want him to be not guilty. I leaned in his favor until discovery of a 2010 case. That only cracked the ice, as I don't know enough yet about it. If more old cases show up I think that will be most telling. The past is usually more honest, which is exactly why the conservative groups rise up and say shit like why didn't so an so speak at the time.

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