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This is just unreal to me. I go to the post office and a sign on the door said it was closed due to mourning George H.W. Bush. I feel like if a person is a piece of crap their whole life, dying don't change that.

Looking4-Others 8 Dec 5

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Here ya go....


That would really piss me off. I would be on the phone to my senator at once.


Are we to expect protest all over the country from all US Postal employees that happen to be Democrats demanding with a vengeance that they must work today or as a minimum swap it for any given Sunday?..... I don't think so


I think that as a government agency, it is a show of respect and reinforcement of order and structure that they observe his death. I think that practice, if not the honor or merit of the actual person holding the office, is important. There should be consistent displays without regard to the individual, without discrimination, by the government. (Also, consistent standards of decorum, accountability and prosecution, but I'll leave that alone, lest someone open a can of whoopass on me.)

Totally agree


I don't mourn him, but I get that some people would. And it's customary for past presidents. No doubt that when Jimmy Carter dies, there will be people who are just as incensed about mourning his death as you are about mourning Bush's death.

I feel it makes sense to be consistent. I just won't join the mourning. And I'm not going to forget his sins.


Yeah the news reported it on Monday but it is what is especially since we’re facing another shutdown next year I hope that doesn’t catch people by surprise.


The deification of monsters in the wake of their death is stupid human antics. smh
There are very few who are off limits and certainly not the Bushes!

Fred Rogers = off limits


Time to change the motto. Severe weather will not stop the mail, but a former president will?


That's crass. I did not support Bush's political ideology but he was a decent and honest man. Determining that it is acceptable to hate and disparage people you don't agree with puts you in league with Trump.

OCJoe Level 6 Dec 5, 2018

When asked by journalist Robert Sherman about the equal citizenship and patriotism of American atheists, Sherman reported that Bush answered, "No, I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God."
Fuck him!


Who mourns by getting a day off work? Are there a lot of folks who would normally be delivering mail that are at some mass service somewhere thanking a thousand points of light that we were so honored because someone won an election that he fought for?

As far as presidents go he gave us the initial round of the bank bailout which set a fantastic precedent, and then pushed Desert Storm which was a war that had nothing to do with oil. He vetoed the 1990 Civil Rights act and nominated Clarence Thomas, so we can set a precedent of ignoring women in politics, Thanks HW!

And we can't forget, without him we'd never have had W lose to Gore but somehow end up in the White House anyhow. Good thing to so he could use 9/11 to invade Iraq again which made total sense, and had nothing to do with oil again.

Politicians are shit people, they don't get better when they're dead.


I see nothing wrong with honoring the post and his service in it, regardless of personal opinion.


What Thinktwice said. It's just the world we live in.


National Day of mourning...done for all presidents, past and present(hee hee) banking either...sorry for you inconvenience, friend! I forgot, too, until you posted!

The banks are open here...

@maturin1919 oh..thanks...but since there is no mail, ie. checks, they might as well be closed...ha ha no check deposits to be made anyway...I wrongly assumed they were...

@thinktwice I actually called the one I had to do business with today and made sure.

I am taking the holiday, so no business here...🙂

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