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A substitute teacher in New Jersey won't be asked back next semester because she told the students that St. Nick is not real. This cause such uproar eith the parents that the school's principal terminate her services.


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Seriously, depending on the grade, most teachers wouldn't have done that. That is the parents realm on how long they want their child to believe in that magic. We did the Santa myth with our kids until they had figured it out. And the older girls let their little sister believe in it for longer than they did. Childhood is about magic and innocence. If that was a Kindergarten teacher and my kid I'd have wanted to kick her ass. Now a second grader, maybe not. But that is the privilege of the parents. And the time to blab is AFTER Christmas for pete's sake. You don't burst the bubble before the date. Was it really a firing offense... depends on what else is in her file.

The kids were 1st. graders....and no, you can't say one thing and few years later tell the kid it was a lie. Trust me, regardless of the issue, a lie is a lie and the kids don't forget. I didn't forget the lies my parents told me about "anything". ...and their excuse :"You wouldn't understand, you were 5 y/o." still ring inside my ears.
No, childhood is not about magic and about having things explained to them according to their age...but always based on the truth.

BTW, I am a teacher.

Dear, the parents raised has nothing to do with her file. it was the parents' ignorance and the school fears of a lawsuit.


Good grief, only in America would a teacher be fired for telling the truth!

And they could dismiss her because she was a substitute. A tenured teacher will run a different luck.


What grade?

Grammar school.

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