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Do you have a fetish? Are you willing to reveal it?

nicknotes 8 Dec 7

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Yes. But not to you.

Come on you hurt my feelings.....I won't tell anyone.


I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny...

I agree a round, firm, tight butt is a thing of beauty.


Yes and legs.

Long, shapely legs are awesome


No and no.

Now you make me think you are hiding something very "naughty."


My lips are sealed.

Now you are making me wonder what is it? @LiterateHiker


Yes. And no.


There are other forums, including one called sexual deviants, where fetish discussion would likely be more appropriate.

Having a fetish does not mean one is a sexual deviant.

Probably right...but let's have some fun....

@Rob1948 Didn't say it did. Simply suggested, as others have as well, that there may be a more appropriate forum for your particular question. 😉

@daylily was not my question.



Does it have anything to do with little furry animals?

@nicknotes wow. That is EVIL and gross. Animals are NOT here for humans to enslave or exploit for their amusement.

Come know I was only teasing you since your avatar is a mouse. @SkotlandSkye

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