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You can't spell HATRED without RED HAT.

Where do those come from?

BufftonBeotch 8 Dec 8

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/snickers we trolled, the trolling. LOL. Gratz everyone posting below.


I did mean the MAGA hats.
Although I am sure those old WASP women in groups have especially vicious gossip


Dye the hats in blood of your slain foes.


Or, spray paint might work.

Are you familiar with Red Caps?


@JimG nope

@JimG I just checked it out.

Neat! I think like an ancient goblin.
That's alright with me!

Countess Bathory was reportedly a scream at parties.


There is a factory for these in Valdosta, GA, according to a very old issue of National Lampoon.

But Waycross, GA has the legacy of Pogo.


Yeah? Well I put the laughter in slaughter.


I use Mint, and avoid Red Hat.

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