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Do any of you guys torment the shit out of your significant other with outlandish completely out of character tall tales about what and who you are doing right then to just piss her or him off because they won't stop texting you?

Just me then?

Anonbene 8 Feb 14

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That's hilarious. Seems like asking for trouble though.

Nah, first, I'm charming and hilarious but I'm also very sensitive to her feelings. If she gets really really mad at me I of course sincerely pretend to empathize and apologize and tell her I'll leave her alone and that I'll go get another girlfriend immediatly and stop bothering her. Because I'm thoughtful that way. Hey I asked her politely to stop texting so she deserves what she gets. As I'm typing this I got three more texts. Great, Now I have to make up another woman I'm having sex with right now. I think I'll name her Karen and she has red hair and she loves doing that thing my girlfriend won't do. Ok, gotta go. 😉

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