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I really enjoy horror flicks especially films that contain catholic priests fighting the forces of evil with ancient prayers and excorsising demons from pretty young women. My favorite is "The Excorsist" from the 70's followed closely by various pre-election political party speeches. Whats yours?

Nardi 7 Dec 13

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I prefer satanic cults sacrificing virgins to Satan as the horror trope, but creature horror can be extremely amusing too.

JimG Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

creature features are brilliant 🙂


Ah, the old 'Holy Water' ( or as my Dad once described it, ' Priests Piss in Bottled Form' with the arcane incantations, gestures, satanic looking black garb, the whole kit and caboodle, yes those were the movies, weren't they?

proper popcorn moments 🙂

@Nardi Though I personally prefer a nice bowl of piping hot Blue Boiler Pea soup with a meat pie floating in it and lashing of Tomato sauce over the top, far more in keeping with the theme of the movies to my way of thinking.

@Triphid Lol sounds like something the little girl served up to the priest in that film 🙂

@Nardi It is almost exactly the same, but mine has heaps of garlic and finely diced onions added to it while its simmering slowly until ready to serve.
Absolutely perfect for something to warm your insides on cold nights or days as well.
Oh, and NEVER forget to add the dribble of white vinegar as you serve it.

@Triphid That sounds strangely lovely. Bit like the old English pie mash and liqueur concoction with a side of jellied eels mmm.

@Nardi No, a 100% Aussie creation my friend, yuk to the jellied eels in my opinion, a bit like try to swallow oysters ( snot in a half shell)...LOL.

@powder No, right side up as it should be. Why?

@powder Good to see the churches are being put to a far, far better use these days.

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