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Poor, poor Melania. It seems, according to FOX, or is it FAUX news that she is the most maligned first lady and nothing could ever be saud about Michele Obama. Hmm. Google fox attacks on Michele Obama and take note of the hundreds of hits going back to at least 2008 into now.
Any pity for Melania?

Oh and she mentioned attacks on Baron. Not that I've seen many on him, but I do remember some on the Obama girls. And big time attacks (on looks) for Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter.

Beowulfsfriend 9 Dec 14

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The hypocrisy is maddening.


I've also never seen anything cruel about Baron..
In fact, I think he is the best looking of trumps children. Ivanka is mostly plastic, bleach and make up.
But he does not seem to smile much. That may just be in front of the cameras though.


I don't think there is any question she allowed herself to join up with tRump because he is rich (she could even be a catalog bride). Now she knows what will happen if she doesn't give unconditional loyalty (there is probably a pre-nup). Besides she doesn't come across as too bright.


Of course I pity a woman who would suck any dick if it was attached to a large enough bank account. Poor girl. 😟

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