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This fellow has a christmas problem.[]

creative51 8 Dec 16

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And people don't get hostile this time of year... Riiiight... "You BETTER be festive, or else! "'


And they will all be together eventually, how cozy.


Well just think about it, Merry Christmas was not an issue until the right wing declared their was a war on it. Hell what a wake up call, huh? Suddenly orange cakes decides to tell the nation it is real and declare it is OK now to say it. WTF has happened to 1/3 of our population? I guess the immigrants which are vastly Catholic must be the ones asserted the US is at war with christians coming into the country

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 16, 2018

The things we do for those we love??


Sounds like a severe mental health issue. Wow.

Perhaps he just likes the biscuits and gravy at the County slammer.


Well now that the war on Christmas has ended, thanks to orange cakes, he deserves a Merry Christmas from those that believe in such shit

EMC2 Level 8 Dec 16, 2018

Something seriously wrong with this dude and it seems to run in the family. Yikes, he’s not too far from me, hope he doesn’t come to Canada.

Well looks like he is in jail for the holidays!


He has a stupidity problem that appears to be genetic.

Appears to run in the family.

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