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I was raised in a Christian family but it seemed to never rub off on me. I believe in evolution so I believe in certain pagan deities. I believe when you die your body is decomposed and then your genetic materials is a food for other life and that's how you reincarnate. I've been having such a hard time finding men who aren't religious and so I decided I'd try this website to make new friends and maybe find someone to settle down with.

Stefferz89 3 Dec 17

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What an imagination........somewhere along the way, reality was lost.......


Your trolling has fooled all of these supposedly 'intelligent' people. I love it. Being an atheist doesn't guarantee you're not an idiot 🙂


Hello Stephanie,

You sound quite interesting. I am new to this website as well! Would you like to chat? I am currently in europe. Does this site offer private chat option?


"I believe in evolution so I believe in certain pagan deities."

Do what now? The former doesn't necessitate the latter.

"I love animals and believe in evolution so I consider them equal or higher than human intelligence..."

This is equally confusing. Belief in evolution should, in fact, show you the difference in intelligence levels between species. Name another that has gotten itself beyond Earth's atmosphere.

@Stefferz89 I don't know where to begin...

WE put the chimp in space, FYI. I asked for another species that got ITSELF there.

@Stefferz89 What drugs do you take?

@Bobby9 She could at least share. It's impolite to not bring enough for the whole class.

@Stefferz89 you obviously did not read the same odyssey that i read.

chimps did not send themselves into space. if you use the logic that a chimp went to space then you have to grant that a rocket is more intelligent than we are because it went into space. the american flag on the moon is more intelligent than we are because we briefly visited the moon but it found a way to live there.

oh and baboons did not teach humans how to read and write. that's just not true. documented WHERE? if it is "documented" somewhere the document is bogus.

dogs and horses are not running the towns of which they are mayors. they're figureheads, elected or appointed as jokes. they have no idea what a mayor is, or what a town is.


@Stefferz89 You are insane and short about a million citations.


Sounds like your onto it.

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