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My hope for everyone that is alone this Valentine's Day will be to find happiness and always love yourself.

I know I'm struggling, but I'll persevere.

You will too.

James1972 3 Feb 14

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I hope you find happiness!


Things will get better. I have to confess, I went through 3 divorces and none of them was a piece of cake and I chose to leave all of them! After that, I decided that I simply did not know how to choose a partner, and so I sorta gave up! And that worked much better for me. I have close male friends now, and I surely understand men better! Maybe there will be another partnership and maybe not! But at least I am a happy person. But, you are probably still hurting, as it does take time to "get our legs back.' Just know that the hurt will heal and you will build something new, and that is the way it should be. Best of luck.


Thanks. Ditto.

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