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Yesterday, on facebook, I point out how an imaginary guy in the sky failed to impede the shooter from killing 17 students in a school in Florida. I asked ,what is the point of praying now when he could have stopped it in the first place. Of course, one of the answers I get is god allowed it to happen because we took god out of our schools. Sigh

Dogpound9 6 Feb 15

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That's a pretty good illustration of why the concept of collective guilt is so pernicious. Not only does Christianity cause self-loathing in individuals, it teaches that god "visits the sins of the fathers on the children, even to the seventh generation". And of course, that old chestnut, Original Sin, that says you and I and our children are cursed because Adam sinned. Somewhere in there, it teaches that Christ's redemptive work on the cross breaks such curses, except, apparently, when it's convenient to trot it out as an "explanation" for why god allows terrible human suffering every hour of every day.

I actually lay this shooting at the feet of evangelical Christianity, which is morally bankrupt and utterly craven, a closed system that learns nothing from experience, that has done more than any other group to create the policies and practices that allow something like this to happen. This is a straight-up direct result of the unholy alliance of right-wing religion with right-wing politics. A pox be upon their house.


God is omnipresent. God was in that school. God is omniscient. God knew it was going to happen. God is omnipotent. God could have stopped it. God is the creator. God made the gunman. God is benevolent. If he was there, saw it coming, could have stopped it or prevented it in the first place he would have.

So, either the school shooting is a lie or god is. You tell me.

@AxeElf so slaughtering these Innocents is not bad. My mistake.

At least Florida have the death penalty.Lets hope they don't make him wait too long.

@AxeElf so the best universe is full of horrors? Let's nuke everyone and end it.


Big time battle on FB here too over about the same thing. About 200 comments. As usual it's God's plan which is set....and it's free will which is not Gods fault. Babbling contradictions. Glad i don't live that nonsense in my head

twill Level 7 Feb 15, 2018

I fuckin' hate that people say that. No one is stopping your brat from seeking a higher power. The principal just isn't on the speaker mandating that we give homage to the god of Abraham. No, not you, Mr. Goldblum. Nor you, Miss Abboud. The real one. You know darn well what I mean!

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