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I see I'm starting out here as a "Level 1". Any chance I can trade levels for anti-theistic behavior? Might be a fun game...

BlastedRedeemer 5 Dec 27

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When I was in my 40s I wanted the things my parents had in their I'm in my 70s. .....ain't gonna make it.... but I'm rooting for you....welcome....


Probably not. We have a variety of philosophies here and try to respect them all sometimes.


Sure, I'll trade with you, Level 8 is so fucking hard to work with.


Nope. You've got to post, comment and overreact like the rest of us.


Sorry buddy, smartassery only gets you so far around here.
Welcome, enjoy your stay!


Send a check for at least half a milli and I'll tell you all about body thetans.

RezZa Level 5 Dec 27, 2018

The first few levels don't ask much of you. Just very ordinary minimal levels of participation really.

Level 7 takes longer, 8 longer still, and when you get to 8.1+ like me, level 9 is light years in the distance and just sort of arbitrary and not very motivating. But the point is, by then you're hooked 😉


If you want something, you have to work for it. So, hang in there.


Looking for a shortcut, eh? Typical level one behavior. ?


Be happy you didn't start at level 0


Posting pics of the commission of acts of anti-theistic behavior should get you leveled up quickly! 1-7 goes fast anyway.


We all have to begin at the exceptions....even for you! ?


No. You have to do it like everyone else.
No one is "special".

Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

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