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Saw Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. What a great movie. I loved that the movie focussed on the music rather than FM's lifestyle. I wished I paid more attention to Queen growing up. Now I have to find all their music.

CopperPenny 5 Dec 28

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They played a little loose with some of the facts, but otherwise I thought it was pretty good and Rami Malek was phenomenal.


Yes it was an awesome movie I actually saw it in imax because of the music and you should get this album right here it has their very best on it


To get a reasonable overview of the beginning the first album Queen 1 and Night At The Opera will give you a good grounding and then fill the gaps from there. A Day At The Races and News Of The World are not too special but if you get a chance try to see their set at Live Aid in 1985.


I worked to avoid FM growing up, what little I couldn’t was so over the top, and played to death.. No great memories there. The music seemed a vehicle for attention, and though I’d not have known the characteristics of a Histrionic PD back then, now, he screams...

Do appreciate your description, though, but ‘of that era,’ I’ve no Queen’s Greatest Hits 🙂

Varn Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

I have yet to see daughter saw it and tells me it's great and that I should really get around to watching it in the theatre


don't beat yourself up too bad. MTV and others around me in the U.S. refused to play Queen because of Mercury. At that time if you weren't on MTV or the radio then no one heard you here in flyover country.

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