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If you have a few extra, here are some good places to send it.

Captain_Feelgood 8 Dec 28

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I don't work for profit so I don't normally have money to share. A few years ago I was given some "extra" and I searched for a place to send it. At almost the exact some time I watched as this place in Noble (Wildcare Oklahoma) nursed a baby sparrow (!!??!!) from hatchling to adult for release. A sparrow. I couldn't not send them money after that. A sparrow is literally the least among us and the birds that I love to feed and watch over for just that reason. So my "extra" goes to them.

Sounds like a great cause to me.. ??


I take the time to look into every organization I give to and never give to groups that distribute funds. Engenderhealth is a big one for me. Also, the Nature Conservancy and some 25 more. One thing I feel is important is to change our language.Less indicates something negative I prefer God Free.


Good list. Don't forget Planned Parenthood


Thank you for the links

djs64 Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

extra what?

He must be talking about Extra, the gum, since the word "extra" is being used as a noun in the sentence. He must have forgotten to capitalize the "e" in the word which can be an honest mistake when typing.

Did you click to see what was there? (rhetorical) pfffft

@joeymf86 nah, I don't like to making upper case letters when my shift key is all jacked up.


Thanks I saved that website in case I ever decide to donate.

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