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Some favorites from one of my favorite places, the Phila. Museum of Art. Do you recognize any?

fishline79 7 Dec 30

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I usually went to the museum for Friday night Jazz.


I love that museum and used to go quite frequently when I lived outside Philly. Nude Descending a Staircase is one of my absolute faves.

And mine! Did you read the comment? I got a poster of it at the store. I think I could call it my favorite painting.


The first one is a Picasso, I believe it's called Three Musicians. I've see the third one before, but I can't remember who it's by, and the last one is a Van Gogh.

The third is the Duchamp mentioned by "seaspot" I picked the funny little dog by Lautrec because I have a Papillon. The first is 'Three Musicians" of course, and the Van Gough is called "Rain". I had never seen that one there before. That bizarre seated cubist figure is Joan Gris (also a Catalan like Picasso).


I recognized Duchamps right away, as well as Picasso and Letrec (sp?). The quad set are someone I should know, but cannot place.

You are lucky to get to see originals!

Zster Level 8 Dec 30, 2018

The Quad set don't do it for me. Did you find the room with all the miniature "eye" paintings? That kind of stuff is just so cool to me.

@seaspot_run I just got home. Will take a look!

I agree. It's a wonderful museum. When I was an art student in Philly, I spent lots of time there, and fifty years hence I return yearly. (100 miles away isn't too bad)

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