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I don't mind being called "unattractive" or "ugly" but please don't assume I or anyone else is "stupid" because they recently learned something you already know.
We're all ignorant of many things, while being stupid is "knowing" something and not applying it (or refusing to instruct others).
/* End of rant

By Agamic6
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People who assume there is something wrong with you because you didn't know something at a certain time have judgmental, little minds. We all learn different things at different times.

bleurowz Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

People put others down in a feeble attempt to make themselves feel better.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Jan 1, 2019

Yes, ignorance and stupidity are not the same thing. Ignorance you can do something about.


In all honesty, if you just learned something you should have learned in your 20's it's hard not to insult your intellegence.

@PalacinkyPDX you are? Wow, I never would have figured that out on my own! Thanks a million!

It didn't exist when I was in my twenties, and really only "took off" in my late 40's ?
It's still pretty much in it's infancy even now.


Real working and worldly intelligence, has little to do with problem solving ability. It is much more to do with personalty; especially, honesty about the limits of your knowledge, caring enough to work at things and not being happy with second best and most of all, having the strength to change when you find you are wrong.

Is that a way of saying even common sense can be overrated? If so, I never considered that, but suddenly that rings true to me, even if you didn't. Idk, I just liked what you wrote


Love the rant Agamic! Wished you would have kept going with it. I totally agree with you. You just beat me 2 the punch before I got around to making it. ? I liked your style of putting it better than my version would have been anyway.? Happy new year!

Thank you.
If I'd taken more time (and cooled down some first) I would have explained in more detail and been more lucid with what exactly the problem was.
To me, the incident was pretty much annoying rather than upsetting, still...?
At 60, it's much like someone razzing me about a singer in this age I don't know about.
Whereas I could make the same youngster look silly with questions on vacuum tubes ?
Thank you for your reply.

@Agamic I understand completely buddy. We all have simular feelings at certain moments, and sometimes venting frustration is just something that's part of being human. I think it's helpful and actually therapeutic.


Thank you.


Good point.

MST3K Level 8 Jan 1, 2019
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