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Climbing Trump's wall!!


By Petter8
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His brain capacity is so miniscule he can't have more than one thought in his head at a time. One week it's Obama's birth certificate, next it's Pocahontas Warren, then it's I am the greatest at ____ (fill in blank), then he should get the Nobel Peace Prize (for starving & killing children at the border), he should be on the cover of the NYtimes but he's an accessory to the murder of the NYT reporter by commiseraing with the Arab prince now it's he would have been the best general if he ever served in the army yet Mr. Bone Spurs said his Vietnam was not getting STD's which it's believed he now suffers dementia from syphilis. If his lips move he lies.


Drumpf's wall is going to be phenomenal, in his head.

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