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Here's the poem that I just put together. It doesn't follow any of the standard rules that applies to poetry, but I wrote it anyway.

I Remember
by John

I remember being younger,
I remember being stronger,
I remember holding her hand.

I remember all the smiles,
I remember all the frowns,
I remember all the ups and downs.

The way the Sun shone on her hair,
The smell of Roses in the air,
I remember holding her close.

I remember things we did together,
The things that made us laugh together,
Now I sit here in my room.

Laughter is now an echo,
A smile is but a shadow,
Now at days end, I cry alone.

AncientNight 8 Jan 3

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Beautiful poem.

Roley Level 5 Jan 4, 2019

Poetry has no rules


Beautiful ?

Doraz Level 7 Jan 3, 2019

I found this very moving. There is a mountain of feeling conveyed in your words. Maybe I relate to it a bit too much. I love it!


Very heartfelt and telling of your great love for Lisa. Brought a tear to my eyes.


It follows the main rule of poetry to express emotion in words and thus to touch the hearts of others. 🙂

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