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If only you will accept it.

MissKathleen 9 Jan 8

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No "rule" does not have an exception and the same applies here. It is a great sentiment and if one works on their issues and coping skills and mindfulness such a goal is attainable for many, if not even most. Some people have such trauma that reaching that level may never fully occur.


My present is Plano TX traveling to find my "Only Love, My Only" Danielle Brisbois sound track sung live on movie set Baltimore MD AS GOOD AS IT GETS


I have post traumatic stress disorder. Sometimes your brain won’t let you be in the present, because it is running a movie in the back of your brain preventing you from being 100% present now.

I wish, and hope for you to find your own peace.

@creative51 Thank you for those kind words, I appreciate it. I am not near as tormented as I was, every year it gets better.


A good path to follow, but like all other good paths we should consider following, it is a challenging path to follow. Our past personal garbage inhibits our clear thoughts which we need to follow good paths. Letting go and accepting is what we should do, but that takes more determination than might appear at first.


um, having been killed would kind of prevent a present-day presence. a coma would do the trick too.


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