4 1 no one else has a vision of peace, green jobs, healing expertise and community building without bribes than DR JILL STEIN. ..Kamala Harris is oneasy of those bribed polluters pandering to Feminists and those who want words never action to heal our dying people and land. ...I just got blocked by a supporter of political emotions never a leader for direct action. is beginning now in 99 Iowa counties to rally 100 thousand plus delegates jousting for a handful of chairs and alternates from each precinct. ...Harris can hire just so many robots unthinking and uninformed how Iowa newspapers will scrutinize each voting record of senators like Harris who can't possibly speak a vision towards world leadership from her swamp bank account in WDC beltway lobbies

GreenAtheist 8 Jan 11

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Can you get me Di Carlos Pizza?

If you love me I will drI've back to the lowcountry and buy you everything to fill your heart with joy


This doesn't sound like your usual well composed sentences.

I confess to page long story sentences like Mark Twain. ...sometimes the way we talk, no periods or commas happen until we take a breath. ...when we do a masterpiece WATCH FOR THE SEMIcolons


WTF did I just try to read?

Parse away or call me for a solioquy 843 926 1750 Larry Carter Center

@GreenAtheist That's leads to a FB post from 2015.

@BufftonBeotch that is my name and you can Google me forever in newspapers radio & TV online hits. ...try my US SUP Ct case Carter v Broadlawns I defended Secular Medicine from criminal theocrats crashing medical records and hospital beds with their bibles and dangling crucifix bloody death wood. ...78 years a formerly public hospital and a volunteer chaplain policy


Sadly purist Greens are not likely to steal the nomination as did Senator Sanders 4 yrs ago....our party caucus had 4 locations one in each Congressional District hopeless to compete with fake news fed Iowans walking to one corner or another to ten thousand rooms on caucus Monday nite 2020

I hate Iowa. I think all primaries votes should be done on the same day.

@BufftonBeotch that's a good way to create a dictatorship for a billionaire .....the various states could reorganize so neighboring states could go 2 or 3 every 2 weeks while the BIG STATES COULD GO 2 WEEKS all alone by themselves. ...that would give time for candidates to live amongst the people b4 voting. ...right now it's IA NH NV SC THEN Super Tuesday then an insane criss cross up to June in Calif

@BufftonBeotch Louisiana is the most odd of all....just one primary no party separations top 2 face off in November. ...I heard CA is doing that state wide only not potus

Every state getting two Senators despite they are low population and education gives us a right wing senate almost guaranteed.

We did get Joe Cunningham as a congressman. Which is encouraging.

@BufftonBeotch glad I don't need to tell you about Lowcountry over party. ...but do you know it's me and Dimitri Cherny who busted up Marshall Sanford alias Mark appallacian trail argentine mistress THE FAMILY C STREET CULTist Governor. ...fake news said TrumpOLINI tweet 3 hours b4 polls closed put Katie over the top. ...wrong bible breath news wires. ...I busted him up 2013 not LULU CoalBURT then Dimitri '14&'16 Dimitri took thousands of votes in the Rethuglican Primary June 12th mine included. ...racist Katie squeaked by therein

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