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It's a very good day for a working furnace and fireplace. Also good for a vacuum, washer and dryer. The gas grill will not be so fortunate.

Hope your Saturday looks better than this.....

By Byrdsfan8
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For me, it doesn't.


Rainy and cold here.

That's even worse!

@Byrdsfan I just stayed in the house all day. Tomorrow will likely be better!

@JenBeberstein I got out and ran a few errands. The roads dried up quickly when the sun came out!


Wow, looks cold! Stay inside with hot chocolate and a good book or watch movies.


It looks like I have about 3 inches of snow and still falling. I have plenty of food, uninterrupted power supply, internet is working, and I'm planning on hibernating until I have to do otherwise. I also have bronchitis or something like it, so no desire to do anything strenuous.


I am spending my time feeding the birds!


I don't envy you but it is pretty. We have not seen a millimeter of snow and it is in the low 50's here. We can actually see Canada from our area. Climate patterns are often regional geography and not just about latitude (thankfully for me).


Brrrr ☃❄

tinebean Level 7 Jan 12, 2019
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