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From the oddest of places, comes inspiration!! I have made great strides with my writing and have reflected on the fact that much of my writing has to do with truth versus perception.

I have recently moved forward to participate in book sales, and want some ancillary stuff as either give aways or related material to sell ...

I think eye pins like featured in this article may be the thing for me:


Lillyfield41 7 Jan 12

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Congratulations MARKETOR


Interesting ?


Great idea to have give aways and merch.

And for sure a this is a beautiful and classy style of fashion accoutrement. But a question (or two).

Beyond the notion of “perception” how does using the eye as an icon tell me it’s you, Esther? Will I look at this piece of advertising and relate it to Writing in a Rowhouse?

One if my promotional difficulties over the years has been developing marketing materials that go straight to the heart of what I’m trying to sell.

I have often spent money on things that look great to me and my tastes but mean little or nothing as far as advancing my product/ name recognition.

Just something to chew on. ?☀️

Way to bring reality into my fantasy johnny!!!! ??? i haven't figured that bit out yet. Maybe an eye on a brick background? MY eye??? And i thought probably printing my www on the pin??

@Lillyfield41.. Yeah.. hoped I wouldn't burst your bubble. Sorry. Thought of PMing you.. meh.. just throwing my unsolicited 2 cents worth at ya'.

And for sure Johnny ain't that Madison Ave. lol

@Davekp you just wait until i do it! i'll be a success and then you and johnny will be standing there calling out, "I knew her when...." you just wait!!!!!

hashtag: bubble continues to bob in the air of ignorance and bliss.

@Lillyfield41 I have no doubt of your future success. I will be among the first to purchase and proudly wear your bauble. 🙂

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