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I'm probably going to win another Facebook ban this weekend.

All the people praising g_d for Jayme Closs escaping the freak pedophile that murdered her parents.

That child escaped all on her own.

Plus there are people blaming her for her parents murder and that she planned the entire thing.


I'm probably going to FB jail for my statements to one of these idiots.

BufftonBeotch 8 Jan 12

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Proud of you for telling the truth about believers. ...apply the same discipline to your conversation with me

Refusing to listen to a screed.

That will be me.

@BufftonBeotch laughing at kind and gentle people as you do PROVOKES anyone to rant running away from a cheat


I might have earned prison time if I'd encountered one.

JimG Level 8 Jan 12, 2019

What. The. Hell? How in hell do they think that child had anything to do with this???

It's from deeply religious people. They think girl children seduce molesters.


Why not turn it around and ask: why god, Why the fuck did you let that poor kid see her parents killed and then get taken, Why you bastard?

Funny how they never blame their god for their misfortune, disease, loss of loved ones, loss of home due to natural disasters etc....isn't that called Stockholm syndrome?


Blast away, I'm sure the jeebus people will deserve it. I don't know how people stay on fakebook after everything that has been revealed about Zuckerberg. To each their own.

Easiest way to see baby pics and family pics.

It is definitely skewed racist and right wing.

I got a thirty day ban for suggesting that the white people calling the cops on black people for nothing should face charges.

@BufftonBeotch The people they have "watching" you on fakebook are worse than the people on fakebook. I got suspended from my Twitter account for telling Mike Pence he should be in prison until he dies for all the lies he has told. So horrible right? Yet you read others making threats and talking shit, swearing their asses off, yet they remain.

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