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Hello? Anyone out there?

Mikejayshafer 2 Feb 19

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Is there a way I can make sure dudes don’t message me? I think I got s message from a man and I’m not here to talk to men.


O cool, I’m new and wasn’t sure how this all works. There are levels and it’s all confusing right now


Hi there! Welcome! You must have arrived during one of those rare "down times"...or maybe...


HAHA! That's funny. Does this site work like Facebook, where everyone can see my posts? I'm still learning....

We see everything! 😀

Zster Level 8 Feb 19, 2018

Sorry. I couldn't resist!

I'm out here. Not too sure about any others, though.


I just joined. This is my very first comment.

Hi there and welcome! 🙂

Great welcome wagon work, Jenny! Welcome to you too!

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