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School Shootings. School shootings (not shootings in the U.S. in general) as a single issue has a seemingly obvious remedy. Two full-time police officers stationed at the entrance of all schools. However, the problem is not that people think this suggested remedy will not work, but that they will likely be told that it is "too expensive" by the local authorities. If you are one who disagrees and wants to push for gun control instead, ask yourself which logically has the better chance of being effective in a society that 315+ millions of guns in private hands (which will still be in civilian hands after any gun-control measures are passed). To conclude, it could be an effort that could be rapidly and it could be just as rapidly abandoned if it did not get the desired result (no more student deaths due to school shootings).

dahermit 7 Feb 20

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I don't like the idea of having armed police around schools. I work part time at a school and when I see the on duty officer here toting his gun I feel very unsafe. One or 2 kids could disarm him so fast, his wouldn't have a chance. In MN an elementary kid touched an in school officers gun a couple weeks ago and it discharged into the floor. Kids shouldn't have to grow up feeling under siege. There is no way even three cops could defend against a spray of bullets. Guns anywhere near kids is a recipe for disaster, just look at the last shooting and the many many many before that.

You are right. We should have more candlelight vigils after the will find them more palatable.


Kill the two officers at the entrance of school. Problem solved.

Seriously, police are scared of their own shadows. Do you think they'd do well surrounded by loud, obnoxious teenagers?

The answer is to prevent shootings, not provide more opportunities to kill.

As I said in my post...put cops there and see if they have any effect. Armed guards are what our military uses in all their bases in all combat zones. If you do not think the common cop can handle the job, put swat trained police there.

I don't want armed guards at schools period. It's not a problem of guns. The problem is anger and people's lack of ability to deal with any emotions or situations that make them uncomfortable. Until we deal with the causes, the symptoms are just going to get worse.

@PhoebeCat So then, while you deal with causes, you are going to ignore school shootings? You do know of course no one is actually going to do anything about "causes" even if they knew what they were?

No ones going to do anything about the shootings either because school shootings are good for gun sales.

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