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UPDATE: You CAN give up drinking/smoking without a higher power! In fact, most things in my life were achieved without the use of a god. Unless of course you count mushrooms, cuz I used the shit out of them in my younger days and still feel it a worthy spiritual venture. 14 months of sobriety and I’ve really only learned one honest. Be honest with yourself and be honest with others. Because it’s physically impossible to continue to do the shitty things addicts do AND be completely honest. So, I wake up everyday and strive to be honest. Sure I exaggerate a little in my story telling, or don’t refuse the cashier when he’s too lazy to count out 23 cents and flips me a quarter, but all in all, honest. Feels pretty great, and it didn’t take a floating cloud man to make it happen. I have become a bit of a recluse though so it’d be cool to meet some folks and get out on occasion.....wink wink nudge nudge.

NewEyes11 4 Jan 17

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There is a program called SMART Recovery that is not faith based that will help you with addictions. Meetings are online and in person.

All rehab and recovery programs have high recidivism rates. The faith based ones are just as high and some even higher. Even AA and DA have adapted, not calling on god as a requirement. They still insist on some type of "higher power" and that is ensuring some failures. The best systems work on lighting that internal flame based on yourself.

@Beowulfsfriend I know several Atheists that have done SMART Recovery and now lead or facilitate groups, I can't say they won't mess up, but right now they are pretty squared away.

@HippieChick58 I've not worked just substance recovery but have done some group therapies for psych and although religion and politics are "off" limits one has to bite one's tongue for the often offhand thank God type remarks. Not worth the time or, especially, an argument that will not benefit anyone at that time.

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