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How is everyone dealing with the winter storm? Doggo and I went for a drive. The roads are crap, but we had a good time.

onthefire 7 Jan 19

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No storm here. It will be 72 F (22 C) here this afternoon.


I live in a condo unit and dithers are dealing with the snow. Otherwise I am baking cookies, but I really want to do a Texas Sheetcake, watch a bit of Netflix, and whip up something with shrimps in it.


I cannot see the car / Maybe because it is 3:0 am , it is snowing steradily and the car is silver. Talk about blending! The pets do not want to go out.


I canceled plans out of town and tucked in with my cat, Bug. We’ve been binging Future Man.

What does Bug think of the plot progression?

@CallMeDave He prefers linear plots to anything postmodern. LOL I think time travel confuses him.

@orange_girl confuses me also


I'm watching it on TV from the comfort of my living room in Texas. ?


I left the house to get the paper. That’s it.


My migraine and I stayed home until I had to go pick my daughter up for visiting time. Part 1; dig myself out of my parking lot. Part 2; dig my ex-wife's driveway out so I could get in.

Technically, my daughter could have walked through the snow to my car out in the street, but then the ex would have had to shovel after a 12 hour day at work. I didn't want to feel like a dick by leaving that for her. I guess I'm a pretty good ex-husband... 😐


It passed my house! I had a dusting of snow on my driveway this morning. Yesterday our city had the schools closed, they wasted a snow day. It was quite a let down.


Last weekend was totally doable, snow, snow, snow. This stuff today? I think I time traveled back to the high desert. This wind & ice is not Indiana weather. This isn't funny. ???

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