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I have looked briefly for the answer for this question. Ever perplexing. What is the going hypotheses for the opposite of the black hole? Seems to be several science-fiction answers but no true presented theory.

azzow2 9 Feb 20

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First answer any detectable matter on a subatomic level that exist in any of the recordable dimension. The second answer was a correlation. For having an analytical mind you sure miss a lot of info in a statement.


Wouldn't the opposite of a black hole involve anti gravity which isn't a thing.


I don't know. I never thought about it at all. there's plenty to think about on our own little planet.


If you ever come back from it, let me know. 🙂


As nothing can neither be created or destroyed, the antithesis of a black hole exists. Hawking himself admitted as such to my prodding. Everything a black hole absorbs is converted into a useable energy that is expelled(useable in regards to my next statement). That energy is gathered up by a white hole and converted back into energy the universe can use, and expelled. Incidentally, light is not the fastest something can go. Tachyons.


S.Hawkings speculates a White Hole..however there is no hypothesis concerning the opposte of a Black the best of my knowledge.


Sci Fantasy describes the 'White Hole' being the ejection point of a black hole. So far just fantasy.

White hole as in reality is not the antithesis of a black hole however it could be a tornado of sorts like confused energy. In other words the photons that would be acting erratically. I take this idea from ball lightning.

Actually, it isn't just fantasy. The Schwartzchild solution for the black hole contains a "negative" branch which can only be interpreted as a "white hole." Why we see only black holes, we don't know. My personal suspicion is that the Big Bang is such a white hole. A place were stuff comes into our universe rather than where stuff leaves it.


[] (page 33)


Empty space, with its near infinitesimal mass, would be the opposite of a black hole, being of near infinite mass, right?

'near infinite ? mass' I love that hehe, um, infinity isn't a number, but I get what you mean. ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????

My thought is from every conclusion that is drawn there is some aspect ignored or forgotten. Empty space is a vacuum, so then your conclusion in a perspective would be that a black hole is creating the vacuum?

@ripcurldane @azzow2 Perhaps I could have worded that better, A black hole is a mass that, as it grows, it approaches infinite mass and density, and a vacuum---there is no such thing as a perfect one--approaches infinitely small mass and density. I misspoke by saying "empty space" because that technically doesn't exist.

The largest observed black holes are about 10 billion solar masses (in other words, 10 billion times the mass of our sun), and recent models suggest a limit of about 50 billion solar masses. Those are mind-bogglingly huge numbers, to be sure, but finite and limited. Black holes do not therefore have mass approaching infinity. As to density, although the singularity at the center of a black hole is thought to have no volume (or approaching no volume) and therefore infinite density, the volume of the black hole is generally thought of as all the space within the event horizon. Since the event horizon radius increases linearly as mass increases, the volume increases exponentially faster than the mass (volume of a sphere), so the more massive a black hole becomes, the less dense; at 1 billion solar masses the density is comparable to air at sea level.

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