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This trump nightmare just doesnt end does it.... it's been two years and you would think if we had any working democracy with a real independent Congress and senate and judiciary, this narcissistic, rascist, homophobic, moronic, stupid, misogynistic son of a bitch would be gone . But we have McConnell the turtle and the clusterfuck of conservative judges.

And people get down on me cause I am not a glass half full guy.


Bigwavedave 8 Jan 21

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Some cheerful news for you. This is "Trump Hump Day" He's exactly 1/2 done with his first term in office.

Hope you can hold on for another 2 years.

BD66 Level 8 Jan 22, 2019



Problem is, progress is incremental, and US citizens want instant gratification.. Couple that with now endless propaganda, and the relatively recent whittling away of campaign funding restrictions… and it may take as long to cure the problem as it did to create it.

Who’s got time for that? We want it now! Vote for the most progressive Progressive - and we’ll get it!! ..never mind the red states … the horrendous funds it takes to compete, the good ‘ol boys with their six-year stints and ‘institutional seniority’ in the Senate, or our still gerrymandered congress…

Though - maybe it’s having taken back Congress, or the lengthening of daylight … but something has been giving me hope.. Our nation has not come apart - and contrary to putin’s desire to ‘show’ that Democracy doesn't work - it’s working. As much as my nation disappointed me, this experience may at least keep a generation or two on guard.

But the bigger the mess, the longer to clean it up. Let’s continue to help 🙂

Varn Level 8 Jan 22, 2019

Hey, sweetie - tell us how you really feel....... 😉 😉 🙂
p.s. If its any comfort, I share your sentiments - completely!


This nightmare has gotten way worse for me starting on 22 December. I cannot wait for the day when Trump is finally exposed for the piece of
shit he is.

What happened december 22 ? The shutdown started?

@maturin1919 Exactly - he essentially stood up in front of the American people and said "I'm a piece of shit - but aren't I entertaining as hell?" And they all clapped and hooted and laughed and then voted for the POS. 😟 And what exactly has happened that will make these people change their minds (and/or opinions)? Absolutely nothing.....he continues to entertain them and he's got Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh feeding them a steady stream of misinformation. ???????? bleecccchhhhhh

@Lavergne I never voted for him, and I have no sympathy for those federal workers who did and now feel betrayed. They should have realized from the get go that the grifter really doesn't care about the country or them.

@Lavergne, @sweetcharlotte I work for the Forest Service, but we share the same pain as our NPS colleagues regarding the trashing of our "offices".


Well, it's not like you're wrong.
About ANY of it.

It ALL fucking SUCKS donkey balls.

If people get down on you, it's because they're too fucking ignorant to face reality.
As long as 45 and Pence are invading our collective consciousness, we're fucked.
As long as the republicans are controlling the Senate, we're fucked.
As long as conservative judges are making partisan rulings, we're fucked.

The glass isn't just half-empty. It's got battery acid in it.


tell us how you really

I just don't have the

@Bigwavedave You have perfect words...

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