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Political alchemy - has anyone here ever hear of it? I thought I had heard it all, but this is new. Basically, these people don't see the need for government or political parties. or currency for that matter. The good news is that they don't see a need for organized religion. We all die and our spirit still lives - like an out of body experience.

So, I have homework. I have to debunk conspiracy theories that the World Trade Center was deliberately built to go down when the terrorist planes hit it. I have to debunk openly neo-conservative websites on the conspiracy theories. PNAC, The Enterprise Institute is on par with Fox News.

The conservatives have gone to alarming extremes to make the middle class think that their vote doesn't count, all politicians are the same, and not to pay taxes.

I also had to listen to how bad it was that Obama droned people. I'm sorry that some innocent civilians went down while he was killing terrorists, but it still beats sending our troops into harm's way. Your thoughts?

UrsiMajor 8 Jan 22

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The people you slander and misrepresent do not see a need for a large, central government. If people cannot self govern, then how can they intelligibly select rulers to govern over them?

Photography is Not a Crime is on par with Fox News? Despicable and highly uninformed statement. Whats also despicable is that you trash news organizations, but do not list an alternative news source, how it is more reputable and why you support it.

If youre not offering a solution, but only complaints, then you are a part of the problem.

Your statements are incredibly slanted and desrve to either be ignored or ridiculed. Stating that you must debunk things instead of stating that you must find the positions that are most truthful and accurate, says all one needs to know about how your mind works, or doesnt work, and your bias.

Irresponsible post.

I'm really curious how you came up with "Photography is not a Crime." PNAC stands for Project for the New American Century. Here's a link: []
What if someone had told me, "People have a right to burn Jews in a crematorium." Should I use your methodology in that circumstance too?


Thank you for the correction and link.

Ive never even heard of the one you mentioned.

@UrsiMajor the second part about the right to burn people.

That philosophy literally cannot exist. Under natural, and all other actual laws, no one has the right to harm another unless they are protecting their life, liberty or property.


Ask any serf, circa 1403!


The first part sounds like it may be a branch from the Anarchists. I like the thought that we’re capable of self governance, but like many things I’m in favor of, it’s probably not realistic:/

If people are not capable of self governance, then how is there a group of people capable of governing billions of people?

Of course we are capable.

The truth is that governments, which are just groups of people, do not support and protect the masses of people. The people support and protect governments.

Its really not difficult to own these facts.


I think you’re right. And need to remember - no dollar amount has been $pared to compile mountains of BS attacking the basic logic of US citizens. So, trust your gut! Homework’s one thing, plow through that.. But don’t allow yourself to become mired or dismayed by the fact you can’t immediately respond to every conspiracy theory or pile of propaganda dumped in front of you.

As for “Political alchemy” - never heard of it, and wouldn’t spend much time looking into it. Sounds like the latest flavor of anarchy ..or ‘libertarianism.’ I suppose when politics in general has acquired such a bad taste, both earned & inflicted, those still inclined to ‘do something’ come up with a work-around, of sorts. No one can criticize your movement if they’ve never heard of it!

Key statement: “The conservatives have gone to alarming extremes to make the middle class think that their vote doesn't count, all politicians are the same, and not to pay taxes.” Hang on to that fact and you’ll cut through a lot of clutter ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 22, 2019

I'm coming out of my shell and learning how to handle people on multiple levels for the first time. Dealing with them behind a black mirror is easy - I've done it for years. Phone calls and face-to face are a whole new world.

Baby steps. There were some Beatles fans who claimed how The Stones were the most overrated band of all time. Painful. I just smiled and said, "I like Zepplin."

I wish there was a mark response as top answer button option. Maybe I'll bring that up in the Community Senate.


I don’t believe that we should have political parties how about that?

Don’t agree that the world trade towers were built to fail but when you have multiple skyscrapers around the world catch fire and burn for hours some for more than a day without collapsing you have to ask

“ Did the three towers have some assistance? Especially tower # 7 which actually defied the computer program that Perdue university created to prove the government right by collapsing as a whole instead of where the impact supposedly occurred.”

The Middle class tax thing I agree has been used but what the Democratic Party did in 2016 during and leading up to their own primaries has actually been accepted as being nearly criminal.

And Obama droning terrorist. How’s that worked out for us? Especially when we decided to use terrorist to attack Syria in an effort to overthrow Assad.
Which by the Russia came in and obliterated them within months.
Something that we personally couldn’t do in years to the Iraqi isis troops.

But let’s be honest here for a minute when a British movie firm gets caught making propaganda films for us and their government. Film footage that was used by our media to depict isis fighters as well as several be headings.

And let’s not forget the Texas man who sold several of his companies work trucks in an auction just to see them a couple months later on the news with company logo and number still on them all loaded with isis fighters.
I believe that the government actually settled that one.

But before I go since we’re on the subject of terrorist the New York Times posted that osama died in July of 2002, but just in case that’s not good enough for you why didn’t the fbi do something with him when one of their agents met him in June of 2001?

I’m just saying that it’s easy to cast someone as being a conspiracy theorist especially when confronted with something that goes against mainstream or popular thinking.
But when the government lies and the media lies you have to always remember that within every lie there’s a line to the truth.

You still believe in currency, right?

@UrsiMajor Lol fuck yeah I’ve got bills to pay.
But as former law enforcement I can tell you that

I’ve encountered “ sovereign citizens “ and whew man let me tell there’s nothing like looking at a drivers license and seeing that this guys house is supposed to be a country.
Just like on family guy when Peter declared his house as Pretoria ? seriously


Do you know the difference between currency and money?

Currency is not necessary and is actually used to steal from a populace.

If you simply confalte money and currency, then you, and everyone else, will have a bad time.

@BryanLV I googled it. We won't be having currency in this utopia - b/c there will be no government in an alchemist world.

The difference between money and currency. Such is the basic difference between money and currency. While money stores intrinsic value within itself, fiat currency possesses buying power bestowed upon it by the government.


Have you heard of The Venus Project? What are your thoughts on it?

I do not understand what an alchemist world is. I don't think theres any such thing as utopia, but I might need to comprehend your positions better.

@BryanLV My new friend told me he is an alchemist. It's new to me too. I thought I had heard of it all. I tried to google it- vague stuff. I heard about the Venus Project through people on this website. If it works for them - I think they should try it and provide feedback on this website. Not for me though. I tried to explain to my "alchemist" that I can't go off grid and stop supporting my mom and little dog financially.

I am a liberal. My primary specific demographic is the strain that has a melt- down when someone threatens to take away my reproductive rights. I am asking if anyone has heard of this new neo-conservative "alchemy" that I find disturbing- and how to handle it.


I can respect those positions. I love the direction. Especially since its voluntary. Socialism by force is nothing more than tyranny.


Why stop droning AND stop sending the troops away in a sensles war against an enemy that cannot do any real harm to the citizens of your country?
Actually sending troops there is the easiest way to make US citizens become victims of the terrorists and in the same way creating a new generation of people that hate the invaders and the ones that control the death from the skies.

Here is an article claiming that Obama killed actual terrorists.


@UrsiMajor Does it matter?
It is in another country, without trial, or treaties authorizing and with innocents dying as well. It is assassination with extra steps.
Why does your legal system does not apply to those guys?
Think if any other country had the capacity to do it in USA, how many would die?

@Pedrohbds It's just a new kind of war -based on technology. Would you say that we should not have fought World War II because some soldiers committed war crimes?


False equivolancy statement. World war 2 should not have been fought for many reasons. War crimes being one of them.

The war was for money. All war is a racket. Have you heard of major general Smedley Butler? I would highly recommend his book to you.

@BryanLV I disagree. We needed to take out Bin Laden and company.


Correction. You wanted to take out Bin Laden and company. Further, there is no proof this actually happened since his body was "allegedly" dumped at sea.

He posed no threat to America or Americans. He was hiding out and laying low. His body may or may not be dead, but his ideology lives on. His alleged death is of no benefit to anyone.

The fixation with Bin Laden is highly illogical.

@UrsiMajor The enemy in WW2 had conditions to be a real risk to your country, the current wars not. Actually terrorism kills less US citizens that the ones sent half world away to hunt for terrorists XD

@UrsiMajor You and your government think, but do you have the right to perform an illegal operation outside your borders killing innocents in the process?
If you have this right, then the terrorists that disagree with your lifestyle and your army have right to attack you in your soil also...

@Pedrohbds Is any war legal? I haven't researched what our allies thought of us taking out Bin Laden and staff. By "legal" I suppose other wars such as World War II were legal since we had the backing of our allies.

@Pedrohbds I like this article from I haven't researched the source it might be biased as hell. But this:

Leans center left. Shocker. []

@UrsiMajor 1)you are not at war, it's just interventions.
2)the drone attacks don't have authorization of local governaments mostly, this is an aggressive movement.
3) War against a guy hiding in a cabin, that can't do anything to harm us soil...
They can only harm your citizens because the government helps them shipping.your youth half way across the globe...

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