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Sometimes god says... "Fucked It I am going to Flex Some Muscle and Show the In Your Face Motherfucking Irony".

GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Jan 22

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He has done more to destroy America than any other person in our history. He has made us look foolish and stupid as a country for placing him in office. It is my hope that we will be able to reclaim our dignity once he is gone.;

Not sure how. Having Trump under our belt so to speak is kind of like being seen by all your neighbors running down the street naked while masturbating and shouting that you're Napoleon. Some things, once seen, can't be unseen. Once the world has seen this level of national "crazy" on the "world stage", it's pretty much the same exact problem as being completely humiliated individually on the "neighborhood stage".

@mordant Keeping your red hat uh?

@GipsyOfNewSpain No red hat to keep. Probably not getting your joke there, sorry.

Hell, I'm keeping mine Gipsy. This guy is TREMENDOUS entertainment..... 😉

@mordant Before the Rooster in russia sings... you will deny trump 3 times!!!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain Um ... I've never done anything but deny Trump. I'm way past 3 times.

@mordant Burn the Hat.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Yes!!!!!

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