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Conservatives automatically assumed that the Covington student was innocent and neutral in Friday's confrontation on the Washington Mall. Simultaneously they automatically assumed the Native American was guilty and aggressive. Another example of white privilege whereby the white child was assumed automatically innocent, while all the others must necessarily be judged guilty.

Likewise, liberals like myself immediately assumed the opposite. We were guilty of assumiing that the red MAGA hat immediately insinuated a hidden agenda (I still lean towards believing that wearing a MAGA hat in public presupposes an intention to incite and expect confrontation). We equated the hat with virulent racism (we have some reason for holding this opinion).

We now know (video exists) that the Covington males were seen harassing females on the mall prior to encountering the Black Hebrew Isrealites. This suggests they are not so innocent as some would like to paint them.

The Native elder was wrong in interveening assuming that his traditional drumming would calm the crowd. He should have realized that non-Native members do not respect the drum tradition like Native.

Now we have Trump and McConnell, our favorite racists taking the Coventry students side. Trump has even invited the students to the WH for a visit.

I teach high school students for a living (+30 years) and I have seen "mad dogging" and arrogant privileged smirks on a regular basis. It is a shame that young white males, or any studrnt for that matter, can feel that they can disrespect any elder with impunity.

t1nick 8 Jan 22

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There is nothing worse on this planet than white American teenagers!

Dont know if I would go quite that far. Without them I wouldn't have a job last 30 yrs. Lol


Did you see this one?

I do think that for a lot of people vote based on the abortion issue. Catholics tend to be prolife and that may be why they paint halos on republicans. This kid though, if you watch this video, it seems like he's a scapegoat, fuel for the idea of fake news, and evidence that people need to read more chapter books.

With all due respect, I disagree

@t1nick on which part? Im thankful for any reference to respect these days. The video shown all over was cut to leave out the bad behavior of the adults on the scene and the focus was on this kid probably bc of the hats. I grieved when Trump was elected. I don't expect the kids to understand everything happening when the adults can't even figure it out. I'm not into smearing a kids face all over the internet for standing there making him the focus like he's the worst thing that ever happened saying he should be punched in the face, calling him the face of genocide. That's unreasonable and irresponsible to me. There is a power difference between children and adults. Kids are killing themselves over online bullying. We can make our cases without tearing apart the kids. I'm going to add this CNN article. Where it says new video if you want to take the time you can watch more of what was happening that day. []


Anyone who wears a maga hat gets automatically judged by me to be responsible for any negative event. Just wearing it tells me a lot about that person; they are either stupid and uninformed or racist and proud of it. Sandman has a smirk on his face that supports the latter option. I don't know that their real intent was to incite but they were for sure heckling in a nasty, ugly, entitled, white frat boy manner to both females and Mr. Phillips.(probably because that is their 'normal'😉 I hope they choke on their hamberders when they visit the White (and I do mean WHITE) house.


AmeriKKKa being ameriKKKa, 60 years Challenge.


And be invited to the White House for it ?


I've heard so many different versions of what happened along with many different versions of video (remember, video can be hacked) that I'm staying on the sidelines.


So now a big PR firm has been hired. The "child" will be interviewed on the Today Show. I am fairly certain he has been coached to be innocence & prayerful. I wonder if he will be able to conjure a tear as he recounts how frightened & intimidated he was by Mr. Phillips & how traumatized he was by the black radical group. This "school" & the whole situation stinks like yesterdays diapers!

Della Level 6 Jan 22, 2019

Video, so many misperceptions.


I've only been teaching 15 years, but from what I've seen right now (which may not be everything, admittedly), I'm only seeing some snarky teens and mildly obnoxious adults waiting for the other side to do something. As far as I can tell, neither did much. Now it's become this huge thing, and Trump's going to make hay out of it. Again.

Unfortunately true

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