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I’m unsure if there is a deity, however I have had some unexplainable things happen to me. Perhaps I just have an active imagination. I’m uncertain, but I would love to meet new people. Please feel free to send me a message! ??

Dante_1998 4 Feb 21

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Welcome. I’m curious what unexplained things happened to you?

A knocking at a window in an abandoned house. The curtains were swaying but no hand was visible. I saw this as well as my entire family, as we were walking back from the store. A shadow moving across my wall when I was a kid, but no light source could have produced it. Hearing a music box randomly when other's couldn’t (this wasn’t an everyday occurrence but it did happen every once in awhile). I’m not saying ghosts or the supernatural are real, but I just can’t explain these things... yet. Lol



Thank you 🙂


Welcome to our community, Dante. Please feel free to share and comment. You'll find a diverse group of people here. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Feb 21, 2018

Thank you ??


Start with stop playing D&D.

Why would I do that? It’s such a fun game


Unexplainable things happen to a lot of people and that is just what they are, unexplainable. When you can not explain something, you just stop there. You do not say "I can not explain that, therefore it must be god". It is just something that you can not explain and you can not logically take it any further.

Very good advice. Thank you J. ??


Welcome, fellow agnostic!

I as well have witnessed the unexplainable, in particular ghosts and UFOs. I likewise have had some interesting experiences through meditation and times of spontaneous events such as creativity, empathy and many others which could not be explained with our current understanding of such.

I don't consider abrahamic deities as anything but the most remote possibilities, except as perhaps the sum total of the behaviors of their believers.

Instead of asking for messages I'd suggest you make more posts concerning your interests but moreso read and comment on those which interest you. Have fun!

Thank you Dave. I’m liking this site already. So many friendly people ??

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