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It's pretty obvious

commie1776 6 Jan 28

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Sofia, all day e'eryday.


I have a sticker that says "Dorothy on the streets, Blanche in the sheets."


Sophia always had the best lines, and got plenty of action.


What does it mean?

Blanche (the one being pointed at) was the sex-crazed, man-hungry slut of the group. And she was proud of it. She was also a Southern Belle who was confident in her sex appeal and beauty.

Little Sophia was the feisty Sicilian. Next was Dorothy, Sophia’s daughter, very witty and sarcastic. And then there is Rose, the sweet, naive woman from St. Olaf, Minnesota.

@Tinocca Oh I see...


Yes indeed!


They were all feisty in their own way...I sort of identify with Maud/Dorothy...cranky, sensible, and moderator of the group...she was the smart one...


@maturin1919 lol Bea Arthur...she also played Maude ...I forgot her name was Dorothy in this show...

@thinktwice I was wondering what was up. My grandparents did NOT let me sleep on Golden Girls and I didn't remember any Maud of significance.

@maturin1919 lol I corrected my post for youngsters like


I'm almost certainly Dorothy.


I like wild

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